Vaportech Cigarette Holder


Vaportech builds precision engineered high quality Tips that have been made keeping the users comfort and safety in mind. Below you can find a wide range of Derlin and Pyrex Glass tips that come in various shapes and sizes so you can easily select the tip for your favorite device.

Derlin Tips

On the right you can see high quality Derlin Wide bore tips. These tips have been built so they can easily withstand heat which makes them ideal for Sub-Ohming. These tips are an upgrade from the old acrylic/plastic tips which were prone to getting de shaped or melting when exposed to high temperatures. These tips come in various shapes and sizes giving the user the option to choose the tip which matches the user’s needs and personality.

Pyrex Tips

On the left we have the brand new Pyrex glass tips. These tips have been made from high quality Pyrex glass and have been built to be transparent so the user can easily see the vapor coming through while they can easily be washed with water for cleaning purposes. These tips are extremely safe and easy to use. Pyrex glass means that they are more than capable of handling high temperature situations while the think walls of the tis make them much tougher than normal glass tips.