Vaportech Morpheus RBA Tank

Morpheus RBA Tank

We know you loved the Morpheus line of tanks, which is why we are happy to present to you the all new Morpheus rebuildable Tank. This is a premium grade RBA tank with an amazing 4 milliliter capacity to keep you vaping all day long. The tank has been designed so that the gaps in the protective stylish casing of the Pyrex tube make it possible for the user to check the level of the E liquid.

Multiple Coil Options

The coil heads that come along with this tank are interchangeable with the Aspire Atlantis as well. The Morpheus RBA Tank has coils with varying resistance options including those made with pure nickel wires meant for temperature control modes. The coils are listed below:

  • 0.1ohm with the power range of 65Watts to 110Watts
  • 0.15ohm with the power range of 30Watts to 60Watts
  • 0.2ohm with the power range of 45Watts to 75Watts
  • 0.5ohm with the power range of 30Watts to 55Watts
  • 1.0ohm with the power range of 20Watts to 40Watts

Color Options

The Morpheus RBA Tank comes in two unique designs incorporating different colors and textures. The first design comes in black or white with ceramic coating while the second design comes in an all-black PVD Vacuum coloring.

How to Drip the E-Liquid

Rotate the base counterclockwise to unscrew the airflow control. Drip six to seven E liquid drops into the atomizer head after which you need to wait for half a minute to ensure that the wicking material has absorbed the liquid and has been saturated. Drip the E liquid into the Pyrex tube as much as you require while being careful that the E liquid does not enter the center of the tank. Screw on the airflow base by rotating it the opposite way this time.


The User can easily change to the RBA mode via simply installing the RBA into the Morpheus RBA tank without the need to disassemble the tank or replacing any part, all you have to do is to replace the coil head.

  • Rebuildable Atomizer Tank
  • 4.0 ml Tank Capacity
  • Multiple Coil Heads with varying resistances
  • Highest Qualitytough Pyrex Glass E liquid container tube
  • Efficient Airflow Control System
  • Cooling Tip Ring