Vaportech Kratos 60 TC

Kratos 60 TC

The Kratos 60W TC is a temperature control mod.

Greek Methodology claims that Kratos was a superb hunter.

Being a hunter certainly seems to match this box mods personality since with the amazing specifications and features that it offers,
it is out to hunt all the other mods claiming the top place in the market and claim its rightful throne!

Product Description

The Kratos 60W TC is a piece of art; this exquisite box mod has been equipped with the latest technology with multiple high tech features. Kratos also means power, so don’t be fooled by the size since this is exactly what this small device provides;

  • This sleek looking mod has been built by using the high quality Zinc and Aluminum.
  • Premium grade copper battery contacts battery contacts have been from high quality copper.
  • Small size making it easy to handle size.
  • The Dimensions of this device are 83mm H 40mm L 22mm W.
  • A beautifully designed screen.

Further Product Description

The Kratos 60W TC can be easily taken apart for maintenance or cleaning of the products. Like other contenders for the top place, this mod also comprises of four main parts; Modifiable copper battery contact, a high quality battery tube, an upper cap with a 510 threaded connection and a lower cap with a locking mechanism can be broken down into its individual parts very easily for cleaning or replacing parts. Other features include:

  • A State of the art PCB chip designed especially for the Kratos.
  • Temperature Control Mode.
  • Variable Wattage/Voltage mode with maximum output of 60W and 8V respectively.
  • Option to attach an external battery.
  • USB pass through capability : So you can Vape while charging.

Safety and Security

Vaportech prides itself on its high safety standards to protect the user and the device as well. Keeping up with this tradition Vaportech provides the following type of safety features:

  • Reverse Polarity Protection,
  • Output short protection,
  • Low resistance warning,
  • Low battery voltage warning,
  • Overheat protection.