Vaportech Hydra

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The Hydra mods were named after the ancient multi-headed mythological creature. This all copper 18650 mod was designed for the cloud blowing beast in all of us. The Hydra comes in three different variations and is sure to appease even the most experienced cloud chasers.

Pure Copper Mechanical Mod for 18650 Batteries - 22mm Diameter.

Precision designed keeping performance, convenience, and longevity in mind, this mod utilizes the highest quality metals to ensure increased conductivity. The Hydra features replaceable 510-thread ring connectors and interchangeable solid contacts for long-lasting and customized performance. The adjustable contacts and floating pin allow for variations in battery size and a flush fit with your atomizer. Sleekly incorporated vent holes and 90 degree locking/unlocking switch provide great ventilation and safety.

  • Silver-Plated Copper Contacts
  • Silver-Plated Copper Floating Pin
  • Silver-Plated Copper XXL Solid Contacts
  • Silver-Plated Copper 510-Thread Ring Connector
  • Silver-Plated Beryllium Copper Floating Pin Spring
  • Silver-Plated Beryllium Copper Firing Switch Spring

Hydra-T: Provides an elegant and classic geometric design.

Hydra-B: Highlights the aesthetics of the Hydra, now embellished with black accents for an extra bold character.

Hydra-H: Utilizes the classic Hydra design with additional vent holes to keep the battery and mod cooler.

The Vaportech Logo underneath the firing switch ensures this is an original and authentic model.

The Hydra mod features Vaportech’s new 90 degree locking/unlocking switch. Instead of the traditional locking ring, Vaportech turned the locking mechanism into a simple twist of the button. Inside the button are tiny ball bearings that move the button clockwise or counter clockwise. These bearings are also replaceable.


Silver Pin Contact (Floating)

Silver Pin Contact (Solid)


Solid Contact

Bearing Balls

Copper Spring