Vaportech Hollow Bone

Hollow Bone

The Hollow Bone Mechanical Mod is part of our “Cloud Chasers” line and is constructed from some of the highest quality copper available. It takes one 18650 battery and is easily adjusted to ensure a snug fit between the battery and mod. The Hollow Bone also features a special clear coating to prevent patina and oxidation.

  • Constructed from Solid Copper
  • Fits One 18650 Battery
  • 22mm Diameter
  • Clear Coated to Prevent Oxidation
  • Battery Venting Holes
  • Unique Design

The Hollow Bone is very easily broken down into its individual pieces for cleaning or adjustments. There are 3 main components that make up the Hollow Bone: The top cap with a 510 threaded connection, solid copper battery tube, and bottom cap with locking firing button.

The top cap on the Hollow Bone uses a 510 threaded connection for different atomizers. Both battery contacts and the 510 connection are made of silver-plated copper to ensure maximum conductivity and minimum voltage drop. The stock positive battery contact is adjustable to ensure a good fit for any 18650 battery. This positive contact is also replaceable with a solid and stationary one.

  • 510 Threaded Connection
  • Adjustable Battery Contacts
  • Silver-Plated Copper Battery Contacts and 510 Connection Pin
  • Replaceable Floating 510 Connection Pin

The Hollow Bone features Vaportech’s new 90 degree locking/unlocking button mechanism. Instead of the traditional locking ring, the Hollow Bone requires a simple 90 degree turn of the firing button to lock or unlock the firing mechanism. This eliminates the need for a locking ring and makes it more user friendly. The locking mechanism is powered by tiny ball bearings located within the button. The button mechanism itself is spring loaded. All of the small parts within the bottom cap and button mechanism are replaceable.


Silver Pin Contact (Floating)

Silver Pin Contact (Solid)


Solid Contact

Bearing Balls

Copper Spring