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Vaportech has a wide variety of coils for your device that will help you attain very pure and unadulterated taste of your E-Liquids and take you to the Vaping heaven! These coils include The VTech coils, single coils, double coils, the Olympian Coil and Upgrade BVC Coils.

VTech Replacement Coils

Vaportech’s VTech coils are the replacement coils for Sub-Ohm devices. VTech coils come in variety of resistance levels and wattage ranges such as 0.2ohm Ni200 Coils (pure nickel wire), 0.3ohm Notch Coils, 0.5ohm Kanthal Coils, 0.5ohm Ceramic Coils (40-60W) and 0.9ohm Ceramic coils (25-45W). VTech Coils are considered as the best replacement coils for the production of evenly vaporized vapors and un-burnt taste. These coils are compatible with the Vaportech’s Ark Tank, Morpheus SF and Flip SF tanks.

  • VaporTech VTech Coils Ni200 0.2ohm (5 Pack).
  • VaporTech VTech Coils Notch 0.3 ohm (5 Pack).
  • VaporTech VTech Coils Kanthal 0.5ohm (5 Pack).
  • VaporTech VTech Coils Ceramic 0.5ohm (5 Pack).
  • VaporTech VTech Coils Ceramic 0.9ohm (5 Pack).

Single Coils

Vaportech’s single coils are meant for all those who want a refreshing taste and vapor produced while minimizing the E liquid and battery consumption so you can enjoy delicious vapor for a longer time. The battery saved by these coils is more twenty percent when put up against dual coils. Furthermore these coils have been designed as such so that they can be easily be taken apart for cleaning purposes.

Dual Coils

The Dual Coils developed by Vaportech have been precisely engineered to produce thick and dense smoke aimed at making Cloud Chasers fall in love with them. These coils ensure that time taken to heat the E liquid is less ensuring huge cloud production in the minimum possible time.

Olympian BVC Coils

The Olympian coils are one of the best coils ever produced by Vaportech. They have been built to ensure that the user gets a more original and pure taste from the E liquid. It can easily take on an output of 2.0 Ohms while providing a truly memorable vaping experience.These coils work perfectly with the very famous Olympian tank as well.

Upgrade BVC Coil

As evident from its name, this is an Upgraded version of the old BVC Coil from Vaportech. It is an upgraded dual coil which is meant to upgrade old tanks, completely renovating them. This coil not only increases the efficiency level of the devices but also brings the performance to the levels of the new tanks available in the market at the moment, including Subohm tanks as well. This coil can be used with Fusion. Martian, ballistixx , VT Flow Tank, KangerProtank 3 and KangerProtank 3 mini, KangerEvod, Aero tank, Aero mini Tank and the Kanger Aero tank Turbo.