Vaportech RDA Charon

TDA Charon

The Charon is the ferryman of Vaportech which will take your souls on an amazing new journey from the world of normal vaping to Vaping heaven! All you have to do is order their great new tank and that will be the coin you have to pay to the ferryman.

The tough looking tank has a replaceable center post and has beryllium copper with Gold Plating which provides unparalleled levels of smooth conductivity so your device gets the optimum levels of current. It has been equipped with Interchangeable Copper Electrodes.

The Charon Tank provides never before seen levels of performance due to the machined negative posts. It has also been given 3mm deep well to hold your E- Juice. Extra air holes which have been placed strategically ensure that air can pass through from right under the coil, while the adjustable airflow for the dual coils is aimed to give you a great mixture of vapor and air for the best and biggest clouds.

The Charon is available in two versions, the 22mm version which runs on the 18650 batteries and the 32 mm version which runs on the for 26650 batteries. This hot new mod is available in Black, Silver and Gold while it comes in a beautiful cloth covered box.